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  • Arizona, Borderlands and U.S.-Mexican Relations

    The immigration issue and Arizona’s controversial new law provokes passions on all sides.  But too often the debate doesn’t reflect the complex history and geopolitics that inform the issue

    Today I'm sending you an article from George Friedman, expert on geopolitics & founder of STRATFOR.  Dr. Friedman presents his unique perspective on the immigration issue by touching on everything from the geography of the borderlands to Andrew Jackson and the importance of New Orleans. It is a prime example of how putting an issue like immigration in a geopolitical perspective gives you context for understanding how events are related and what the future may hold.

  • The Geopolitics of Dope

    Protecting the border is a big part of the presidential political debates. This week in a special edition of Outside the Box, my friends at Stratfor give us yet one more reason why we should be concerned when we look south. The topic not only concerns...