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  • Apple, Google, NewsCorp and the Future of Content

    I am fascinated to watch the world change at an ever accelerating pace. Today’s Outside the Box looks at some of those changes, specifically the future of Apple, Google and media. I found this to be a fascinating exchange. Whether you are an investor in tech or simply a consumer of media services ( and if you area reading this, you are), the world id getting ready to change in ways that boggle my mind at least.

    I shot this week’s OTB to my friend David Brin, the sci-fi writer, social critic and one of the world’s leading futurists. Here is what he said:

    “John, I found the Whalen interview brilliant and very informative.  I always like guys who take the big, big picture. (Note: I bought AAPL in 1983 at 20.... after Splitting twice, it is now at 320, so I am biased by happiness.)