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  • A "Trillion" is Mind-Boggling: No, Even Worse!

    I would wager (with odds) that very few Americans understand just how mind-bogglingly enormous $1 trillion is. The analogy I will share with you today will knock your socks off! It certainly did mine.

    Yet our government is running trillion-dollar annual budget deficits like it’s no big deal. And it’s not just Obama – the first trillion-dollar deficit, which was incurred in FY2009, was actually the result of President George W. Bush’s budget, one of the few legitimate things Obama really inherited from “W.”

    I begin today by summarizing a recent eye-opening analysis - a great video, actually - that concludes that our continued trillion-dollar deficits will send us into the abyss. I realize that this is nothing new to many of my readers, but we need to continually remind ourselves how we are willingly and knowingly sending our country into economic and financial ruin.

    You will definitely want to watch this video and forward it on to others!

  • The Economy - Consumers Still in the Dumps


    1.  Weak Economic Growth to Continue

    2.  Consumer Confidence Remains in the Dumps 

    3.  Unemployment Rate Continues to Disappoint

    4.  Fortunately, Not All the News Was Bad

    5.  2010 Federal Budget Deficit Hits $1.3 Trillion

    6.  Don’t Forget the “Debt Commission”