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  • Bonds: What the Smart Money is Doing Now

    Responses to my March 23 E-Letter about the possibility of another serious financial crisis in the future continue to roll in. Many of these respondents want to know how to position their assets in case another financial apocalypse is waiting around the corner. This week, I'll begin to answer that question by focusing on a debt/equity hybrid of sorts known as convertible bonds.

    More specifically, I'm going to revisit one of the most innovative and unique bond strategies that I have ever encountered. Greg Miller, CPA, founder and CEO of Wellesley Investment Advisors, has developed a trading strategy that relies on strict fundamental analysis to select among the various convertible bond offerings available. Plus, I'll let you in on a special feature found in many convertible bonds that can actually serve to further reduce the risk of this special investment class.

    I have a major allocation of my personal portfolio with Wellesley, and suggest that you seriously consider this program. With interest rates near all-time lows and the possibility of rising rates in the future, you owe it to yourself to consider Wellesley's convertible bond strategy as a possible replacement for your current bond allocation.