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  • Finally, a Solution to the Income Investing Dilemma

    This week, I'm going to address a topic that our surveys show is on the minds of many investors - income. In our 2012 survey, it came out loud and clear that many of my clients and readers are interested in producing income from their portfolios. Plus, there are others who are interested in income-type investments because such programs usually have the goal of preserving principal while also providing better returns than fixed income investments.

    This week, I'm going to discuss the plight of income investors in today's low-interest environment and what they can do about it. I'll also unveil a new investment geared specifically toward conservative growth and producing income - the Managed Income Strategy offered by Hanlon Investment Management. If you need an income from your nest egg or are seeking a conservative growth investment that takes risk management very seriously, the Managed Income Strategy may be just what you're looking for.

  • Uncertainty is Fertile Ground for Scam Artists

    Over the years, there are subjects that I repeat periodically in my weekly E-letters due to their importance. One such is the subject of investment scams and what investors can do to recognize and avoid them. Unfortunately, even though I and many other writers continue to warn investors about these scams, thousands of people lose millions of dollars each year to such schemes.

    In this week's E-Letter, I'm going to discuss how you can avoid being a victim of scam artists and others intent on separating you from your money. I'll also discuss a few "new" scams that have been more prevalent now that fixed income investments have such low returns and stock market risk is high.

    Even if you are confident that you won't be the victim of an investment fraud, it might be a good idea to forward this issue along to friends and relatives who may not be as experienced and may not know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Core Investments - What You Need to Know

    “Core" portfolio holdings are defined as being those steady performers that serve as the backbone of a diversified portfolio. However, they are among the most overlooked of all investments because they tend to be dull and boring. Unfortunately, this lack of attention has allowed mutual fund companies to define this category as predominantly large-cap blend and value funds. The problem is that these funds are far from steady performers since they are highly correlated to the ups and downs of unmanaged stock indexes.

    This week, I'm going to discuss the importance of core investment strategies and why they merit your close attention. I'll also point out the weaknesses of the mutual fund industry's conception of core investments, and then introduce you to an actively managed core investment alternative that may be a better option for you.

  • On The Economy & Waiting For Breakeven


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    4.  Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for Breakeven

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    The Latest Economic Reports