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  • The Economy & This Rocky Recovery

    For the most part, the economic reports over the last month or so have been positive, including last Friday's 1Q GDP increase of 3.2% (annual rate). Most economists agree that the recession hit bottom in the middle of last year, and we have now seen three consecutive quarters of positive GDP growth. Yet while it would seem safe to conclude that the Great Recession is over (for now), economic growth will be handicapped all year by the continued housing crisis. Home foreclosures continue to increase at a record pace, including an unprecedented 367,056 properties in March alone. Thus, it is quite possible that the 3.2% growth rate in the 1Q will be the best we see all year. We will take a look at most of the latest economic reports in this issue, as well as the rapidly growing problem in home foreclosures.

  • The "Catch 22" Housing Slump Is Not Over

    We begin this week by looking at the latest report on the economy. GDP rose a bit more than expected in the 4Q, up 5.7% (annual rate). Despite that, many economists are downgrading their forecasts for growth in 2010. Following that, we will take a close look at the latest reports on the housing market. Despite the improvement in the economy, home prices continue to fall in most areas of the country. The housing slump is still not over, and this is a big reason why consumer spending is not likely to recover to pre-recession levels anytime soon. If you are concerned about the housing market, you will definitely want to read this week's E-Letter.