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  • Who Will Buy America’s Trillions In New Debt?

    Since taking office on January 20, President Barack Obama has proposed new government spending of almost $3 trillion dollars. Yes, $3 trillion consisting of his $787 billion "stimulus" package, up to $2 trillion in bank bailouts proposed by Treasury Secretary Geithner earlier this month, and another $275 billion for homeowners and mortgage companies that Obama announced last week. The question is, who is going to buy this gargantuan amount of US Treasury debt over the next few years? With the global recession, the largest foreign buyers of Treasuries, like China, Japan and Europe, may not be in a position to keep buying our debt. It now appears the US Federal Reserve will be called upon as the "lender of last resort," but the Fed will be forced to print these trillions in new money. That could trigger another round of big inflation (hyperinflation, some predict) in the coming years. This week, I will explore the implications of this record spending and borrowing. Be warned that what follows is not pretty, but it is what it is. The latest plunge in the stock markets is indicative of just how precarious the situation is. As investors, we need to understand what is happening and how to react to it. Let's get started....
  • Obama Seeks Multi-Trillion Dollar Bailouts

    This week we start with a review of the latest economic data which indicate that the recession is still deepening. Following that, we will examine the $800+ billion stimulus plan that President Obama requested and the House passed last week. Unfortunately, apprx. two-thirds of that massive plan is pork-barrel spending that will not help the economy anytime soon or at all. Next, we will look at Obama's request for $1-$2 trillion to help the banking system. And finally, we will address the fact that the Fed is gearing up to directly purchase hundreds of billions of long-term Treasury bonds in case the massive bailouts don't work. It should be a lively letter!...
  • The Recession & More Government Bailouts

    Well, the 'R' Word (recession) can now be officially used to describe the US economy since the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) declared that we have been in a recession since December of 2007. Considering the back-dated nature of NBER's announcement, we find ourselves in the midst of the third longest recession since the Great Depression, with no end yet in sight. No wonder the Treasury and Fed are pulling out all of the stops to bail out the economy. This week, I'm going to discuss the current bleak economic picture, the Fed's latest bailout and the possible long-term consequences of the Fed's printing money....