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  • EquiTrend produces average yearly profits of 61%! A $10,000 investment five years ago is $108,176 today and $100,000 has multiplied to $1,081,756! Imagine the joy and satisfaction that comes from eye popping gains like these.

    Whether the market is up, down or sideways, you make money.

    EquiTrend is a mechanical, end of day market timing system based on a proprietary mathematical algorithm that measures more than 30 different weighted ratios of market activity. The system creates a composite score, similar to a credit score, and then confirms it using other market indicators. The buy and sell signals generated by the system substantially outperform major indices in all market environments.

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Have You Seen This?

  • Leaders also look bearish

    In This Issue:
    Bearish head & shoulder patterns abound...
    Leaders also look bearish
    Are earnings finally showing signs of life?
    Manufacturing and service sectors improve, trade gap narrows
    Pollyannas caught on tape

    Quote of the week
    "Everyone is trying to jump on that bandwagon. There are projects in emerging markets in which I can make more money than I can in the West at the moment." - Nicholas Field of Schroders Plc, London, manager of approximately $11 billion in emerging-market stocks (see article below - Emerging Market Take Record Share of World Equity).

    Head & shoulders patterns abound...
    The benefit of using technical analysis to make investing and trading decisions is that it removes emotion and the necessity to interpret reams of fundamental and economic data from the decision-making process. The downside of using a technical only approach is that it often provides only short-term insight. As a result, investor and traders with longer-term horizons should use both but as readers of this newsletter witness first-hand each week, the workload and time required to do this type of analysis can be greatly streamlined by relying on charts. Fundamental and technical charts quickly provide an overall snapshot of trends in both stock prices and in fundamentals like earnings and key economic indicators which is far more useful information than single data points....