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    EquiTrend is a mechanical, end of day market timing system based on a proprietary mathematical algorithm that measures more than 30 different weighted ratios of market activity. The system creates a composite score, similar to a credit score, and then confirms it using other market indicators. The buy and sell signals generated by the system substantially outperform major indices in all market environments.

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Have You Seen This?

  • Longest running streak of weekly gains in eighteen months

    In This Issue:

    Rally still going...
    Leaders lagging
    The new earnings season kicks off
    Case-Shiller index implies worst home price declines may be over
    Economic metrics also leveling
    We're still in sell mode

    Quote of the week
    'Investors are still heavily in cash and the challenge they are facing is how to scale back into growth-oriented investments. For that reason, technology leadership is not surprising given many are flush with cash and little debt,' - David Kreinces, a portfolio manager with ETF Portfolio Management.

    Rally still going...
    It was another good week for the bulls. As Dan explained this week from his Miami home, there is a lot of cash on the sidelines looking to get into the market. Despite the fact that we are still bear market, cash doesn't do much good if it isn't working which is why this rally has been so explosive But the fact that pundits like Jim Cramer are so confident that a new bull market has begun is a bearish omen. At true market bottoms, the majority including the Jim Cramers of the world, have given up, and this is most certainly not the case now.

  • Rally Continues Its March

    In This Issue:

    Rally just keeps on going...
    Leaders fall behind
    Earnings - Getting worse but not as fast...
    Home sales pick up at the expense of prices
    We're still in sell mode

    Quote of the week 'The main issue right now is that there's just a lot of [Treasury] supply out there. The Treasury is selling a lot more than the Fed is buying.' - Futures trader Arthur Bass. Demand from domestic and foreign institutions for the $34 billion five-year Treasury note auction was 30% this week, compared to 48.9% from the previous auction in February and an average of 30.1% for the last 10 auctions.

    Rally marches on...
    It was another good week for stocks driven higher by expectations that toxic bank assets would be finally removed from bank balance sheets by the taxpayer. Before Friday's 148-point drop, the Dow Industrials had gained an impressive 21% in just thirteen trading days.

    Stocks were further helped by some short-term good news in existing and new home markets which is really not good news at all. The difference is that investors are now interpreting bad news by buying more stocks and that is a good sign as it shows sentiment is becoming more bullish....