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  • EquiTrend produces average yearly profits of 61%! A $10,000 investment five years ago is $108,176 today and $100,000 has multiplied to $1,081,756! Imagine the joy and satisfaction that comes from eye popping gains like these.

    Whether the market is up, down or sideways, you make money.

    EquiTrend is a mechanical, end of day market timing system based on a proprietary mathematical algorithm that measures more than 30 different weighted ratios of market activity. The system creates a composite score, similar to a credit score, and then confirms it using other market indicators. The buy and sell signals generated by the system substantially outperform major indices in all market environments.

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Have You Seen This?

  • Standing In Front Of A Train

    In This Issue:

    Rally blasts up...
    Leaders fall behind...
    An earnings-deficient recovery?
    Construction spending, ISM and jobs improve
    Last hurrah, then seven lean years?
    Elliott Wave SPX Perspective

    Quote of the week
    "In the U.S., the total market value of housing, commercial real estate, and stocks was about $50 trillion at the peak and fell below $30 trillion at the low.  The original $50 trillion of perceived wealth supported $25 trillion of debt.  This loss of $20-$23 trillion of perceived wealth in the U.S. alone is still enough to deliver a life-changing shock for hundreds of millions of people." 
    - Jeremy Grantham in the GMO Quarterly Newsletter May 2009

    Rally blasts up...
    This rally re-ignited to finish its ninth week of gains pushing the S&P500 up 36% from its March 6 low. More interesting perhaps is the fact that the SPX is showing its first gains for 2009. And stocks are even more overbought than there were last week....
  • Catching a Falling Safe


    Stocks fall, a reversal afoot?
    Leaders fall with the pack
    Earnings - Any one have a tourniquet?
    Bad economic news but good market action?
    Looking forward

    Quote of the week
    "All the major [US] banks are basically insolvent at this point. Until that changes and until credit gets flowing again, it's hard to see how we have any real recovery." - David P. Prokupek, chief executive of the Denver portfolio manager Geronimo Partners in Bloomberg article Thursday.

    Stocks sink again but is there a reversal afoot?
    Stocks sank for the fourth consecutive week of across the board losses for the major indexes but an interesting thing happened in the last hour of trading. At 3:26PM Friday New York time, the Dow Industrial declines stopped almost on a dime and the index...