February 2009 - EquiTrend Market Watch

EquiTrend Market Watch


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Have You Seen This?

  • Stocks sink deeper in nationalization quick-sand


    Stocks sink deeper in economic quick sand...
    Leaders point higher
    Earnings just keep falling...
    And so do housing markets
    New billionaire buy & hold blues band - Warren and the Prince

    Quote of the week
    "When governments come knocking, investors run out the back door." - Bespoke Investment Group in a newsletter this week.

    Stocks sink deeper in nationalization quick-sand
    Stocks sank for their third consecutive week of across the board losses for the major indexes as more key support levels were broken and both the Dow Industrial Average and S&P500 put in twelve-year lows. Should anyone not have known how the market would view increasing intrusions by governments into the nation's board rooms, we got another demonstration of just how unpalatable the "N" word is to investors. This is not surprising since we are seeing the greatest (and most troubling) efforts to socialize free markets and companies since the FDR approach during the Great Depression.