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  • EquiTrend produces average yearly profits of 61%! A $10,000 investment five years ago is $108,176 today and $100,000 has multiplied to $1,081,756! Imagine the joy and satisfaction that comes from eye popping gains like these.

    Whether the market is up, down or sideways, you make money.

    EquiTrend is a mechanical, end of day market timing system based on a proprietary mathematical algorithm that measures more than 30 different weighted ratios of market activity. The system creates a composite score, similar to a credit score, and then confirms it using other market indicators. The buy and sell signals generated by the system substantially outperform major indices in all market environments.

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Have You Seen This?

 What is EquiTrend.com?
EquiTrend.com is a stock market timing system developed to help investors easily achieve better investment performance than is possible through conventional buy-and-hold strategies.

EquiTrend.com offers its clients the same market timing system that its principals have used in consulting with other institutional money managers, trust banks, hedge funds, brokers, mutual funds, RIA firms, and other professional asset managers.

Our subscribers have exclusive access to a “Members Only” section of the EquiTrend.com Website, and they receive nightly emails that contain stock market timing signals for the U.S. equities markets. Clients are then free to act on these signals no matter what their preferred investment products: mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, options, stocks, futures, contract-for-difference, swaps, and others.

How does EquiTrend.com determine its signals?
Our recommendations are derived from a quantitative-based mathematical algorithm that incorporates more than 30 different stock market data streams. The EquiTrend.com algorithm uses a credit-scoring methodology to weight each variable in the calculation based on its independent ability to anticipate directional changes in the U.S. equity markets. The net result is a “score” that measures the strength or weakness of the market, and this methodology has proven over time to significantly reduce market risk.

What have EquiTrend’s results been?
We’ve done very well—and, therefore, so have our subscribers! To review our annual results for the millennium bear market, produced by market timing, for trading the major U.S. equity indices, please review our Other Indices page. EquiTrend.com ranked first with its S&P 500 performance based on its daily market timing signals among nearly 200 daily signal providers involved in active money management during the millennium bull market. In fact, our stock market timing signals are tracked by two independent third parties, Timertrac,com and Timerdigest.com. To learn more about how you can independently verify our results, please visit our Verified Track Record page on this Website.

What is active money management?
Money management takes two forms; active or passive.

Passive money management is buying-and-holding (or, as we like to say, buying-and-hoping!) with the assumption and hope that your investments will increase over time with the overall direction of the market.

Active money management is taking an active role in the management of your investment portfolio. The goal of active money management is to invest with the direction of the market, and our experience has taught us that stock market timing can consistently grow your money in both “up” and “down” markets and therefore substantially outperform a buy-and-hold strategy.

How do EquiTrend.com subscribers use its signals to actively manage their assets?
Generally before midnight Eastern Standard Time (sometimes as late as an hour before market open), our subscribers receive an email update that contains EquiTrend.com’s signal for the following day: Buy, Sell, or Hold. Members can also access this information by logging on to a “Members Only” section of our Website. Our clients can then adjust their investments accordingly—to long, short or cash—based on the signal issued. It’s an easy, handy tool for investment management. EquiTrend.com issues signal changes as often as required to adapt to changing market conditions.  Signals may change daily, every few days or they may change every few weeks.

How do EquiTrend.com subscribers decide which investments to buy and sell?
EquiTrend.com clients invest in all manner of financial products that benchmark to the major U.S. equity indices (Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Russell 2000, Dow Jones). The most common instruments are mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and futures. Some clients are responsible for their own portfolios; others use money managers to make their trades. Some are clients of our sister company, ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc., a registered investment advisory firm created to manage portfolios for people who don’t have the time to do so, or who prefer expert guidance in this regard.

What other services does EquiTrend.com provide?
Online subscribers also receive EquiTrend.com’s Weekly Market Watch, an informative newsletter that details market activity and discusses developing trends, market activity and developing trends that could affect your portfolio.

What kinds of clients subscribe to EquiTrend.com?
Our client list is proprietary, and we certainly would never disclose it. In general, we can say that our typical retail client is a male, age 30 or older, who follows the market closely and actively manages his own investment capital. Our institutional client base is very diverse: brokers, RIA firms, hedge funds, mutual funds, banks, family offices and other professional money management organizations. Approximately one-third of our clients are internationally based.

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