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  • We Didn't, But We Did.

    In This Issue.

    * Lawmakers avert default.

    * And kick the can down the road, again.

    * The dollar gets taken to the woodshed.

    * Jamie Dimon speaks Chuck speak.

  • A "New & Improved Stimulus Package"

    * The dollar fights back! * Another $900 Billion in the red... * RBNZ cuts rates 150 BPS! * Jamie Dimon tells it like it is... ** A New & Improved Stimulus Package Good day... And a Thunderin' Thursday to you! Well... The Fed kept rates at near zero, as if they had any ability to raise them, the House sent the Stimulus Bill on to the Senate, the dollar rebounded on all these two items, and I have some very strong quotes for you at the end of today's lesson... So, get your coffee, or OJ, or V-8, sit down, and let's go! OK, I had better start with the dollar reaction to the two items yesterday, as what looked like an end to this dollar strength mess, was about to take place as the euro pushed to 1.33, taking the other currencies along for the ride, was just a head fake... The dollar had more strength to show us, after the Fed kept rates unchanged, and the House passed the Stimulus Bill....