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  • On the turning?

    * SNB surprise... * Currencies continue... * Retail Sales... * Recipe for inflation... And Now... Today's Pfennig! On the turning? Good day...And a Fantastic Friday to you. It would be nice to have some of that warm weather they have in Jacksonville make its way north, but hopefully its right around the corner...patience. Yesterday was a wild ride so hopefully you had that seat belt fastened tight and both hands on the wheel. I have a lot to talk about so I'll get right to it... We were greeted yesterday morning with some big news out of Switzerland where they not only cut rates to .25% from .50% but also decided to take matters into their own hands. Chuck sent me some thoughts before he left for vacation, so here you go. 'The Swiss National Bank (SNB) intervened in the markets yesterday with a bang! The SNB sold francs for euros and dollars to further reduce the price of money (since they've already cut interest rates to the bone). Francs went from 86-cents to 84-cents in one day! UGH!'...
  • A week of interest rate decisions...

    * A week of interest rate decisions... * Pound Sterling drops again... * Brazil and Mexico continue to dominate... * Gold and Silver fall... ** A week of interest rate decisions... Good day...The dollar stayed in the pretty tight range it has established over the weekend, gaining some strength over the weekend after losing some ground on Friday. Should be an exciting week as it is 'Interest Rate Decision' week as a number of central banks will be announcing their new rates. I think the rate announcements will reinforce my feelings that the world's economies are heading down divergent paths, with some economies heading down a recessionary path while others maintaining good growth rates. As expected, the US unemployment rose to the highest level in more than four years as employers cut jobs again in July. But the decrease in payrolls was slightly less than forecast, so some were saying 'it isn't as bad as we thought'....