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  • Where's The Plan?

    In This Issue.

    * 4-day euro rally gets stopped this morning.

    * Eurozone Crisis meeting asks for an extension..

    * Chinese manufacturing rebounds this month!

    * Thoughts on Gold.

  • A Jobs Jamboree Friday!

    In This Issue.

    * Currencies trade in tight ranges.

    * Except for francs which surge higher!

    * Gold rallies $27.

    * Waiting on Chinese manufacturing.

  • RBA Raises Rates Again!

    In This Issue..

    * Risk Aversion boosts dollar...
    * U.S. manufacturing is strong...
    * More stimulus? Please say it ain't so Joe!
    * Thoughts from the Big Boss!

    Good day... And a Terrific Tuesday to you! Well, I'm here! Just when you thought I would be gone for the week, and you would get away from my rants, and get the calm Chris Gaffney, the rug gets pulled out from you! I am so bummed! I was told that I could not travel to Cabo for the Sovereign Society's Offshore Advantage Conference, and I was to remain at home, with my leg up, blah, blah, blah... What a crock!

    OK, now that we've got that out of the way... Front and Center this morning, we have a very strong dollar rally going on... It began yesterday mid-morning, when things turned on one thin dime. First, we had the U.S. Manufacturing Index rise in September and the Trading Theme kicked in with the dollar getting sold on the good news for the economy... But then a strange thing happened on the way to the forum. Everyone began to fear what's been going on in Banking... Friday, the 115th bank failed this year, and suddenly, traders, investors, hedge fund dudes, and everyone else, got a case of the flu... Not the 'pandemic' H1N1 flu... This is the 'chicken flu'... Chicken to continue to takes risks in the face of a banking problems... Well, to think of it, maybe, just maybe, it's not the 'chicken flu' but the 'prudent flu'!...
  • U.S. Manufacturing On The Rise...

    In This Issue..

    * Risk Assets Get Sold!
    * ISM hits 52.9!
    * Aussie GDP rises!
    * China leading the way!

    Good day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Well, all that back and forth between rally and sell off for the currencies came to an abrupt halt yesterday, when the dollar bulls went on a rampage. There was some very strong economic data to help the move, but the real thing that brought the currencies to their knees was the stock sell off of 185 points...

    Get this... Now we all know that the risk assets of stocks, commodities, and currencies have all been tied together for some time now... So, I was surprised to see a story titled: 'Currency Markets Taken For A Ride By Stocks' Hmmm, maybe this person just woke up from a 9-month coma, eh? Any way, that doesn't matter, it's just another opinion that coincides with mine!...
  • U.S. Manufacturing Is Recovering...

    In This Issue..

    * A strong currency move Monday...
    * RBA leaves rates unchanged...
    * And moves bias to neutral...
    * Central Bank warnings have no teeth!

    Good day... And a Terrific Tuesday to you! First day back yesterday was a killer for yours truly... Went home, and went to sleep... But, I'm back today, and feeling good. I did something to my left knee on vacation that left me hobbling, and leaning on my cane more than I usually do. But today, it seems a bit better, so I've got that going for me!

    Yesterday, I left you with the euro popping back and forth over the 1.43 level... But in a wink of an eye, the 1.43 level was gone, and the euro was trading with a 1.44 level, and remained there the rest of the day, reaching 1.4420 for the high... As I turn on the screens this morning, I see that the single unit has gone to popping back and forth over the 1.44 level... You don't think it will get another sling-shot higher today do you?...