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  • Labor Market Continues To Deteriorate...

    * Merkel leaves us wanting... * Gold soars higher overnight! * Indian rupees' worst week! * Greenspan = Very Bad Idea! ** Labor Market Continues To Deteriorate... Good day... And a Happy Friday to one and all! It got cold here again... I can't wait for my March trip to a warmer climate! GM's Swedish unit Saab is filing for protection from creditors, so that it can reorganize into a business independent of GM... Hmmm... Everyone is jumping the GM ship... Well, it's Friday, and that means yesterday we saw the print of the Weekly Initial Jobless Claims... And once again, the rot on labor's vine was exposed... The total Claims files last week was 627K, the experts had forecast 600K... But here's the thing that really hits home... The number of Americans collecting unemployment benefits has jumped to 4.99 Million, and each week and new record number is established... It certainly tells me that the labor market is still deteriorating......