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  • LTRO Holds The Key.

    In This Issue.

    * Eurozone econ confidence rises.

    * Italy auctions bonds at lower rates!

    * Gold & Silver rally.

    * Look at everyone turning 65!

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  • The Italian Job...

    * The dollar continues to rally... * Obama bounce picks up steam... * ECB and BOE meet this week... * Brazilian reals on a roll! ** The Italian Job... Good day... And a Terrific Tuesday to you! A very icy Tuesday here in St. Louis... When I left home this morning (I live Southwest of the office) there was nothing on the ground, but as I got closer to the office, I could see the ground was wet. Arriving in the parking lot, I found the wet to be nothing but ice! You should have seen me attempting to walk from my car to the front door! Shuffling my feet very slowly was more like it, but can you blame me? That's all I need is to take a nasty fall on ice when I'm already walking with a cane! Oh well, I'm here, and safe... Well, front and center this morning, the dollar has gained a huge chunk of ground back from the euro and Swiss franc that it had lost last month. The euro has seen the underside of 1.34 in almost a month, but that's where it sits this morning. And the Swiss franc has taken a tumble too... So, what's the reason behind this move? Ahhh grasshopper, sit, and listen, there's a story to this that you'll want to hear!...