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  • Trichet "Gets The Memo"

    * ECB raises interest rates... * More jobs losses in June! * An embarrassment for the Fed... * Buying opportunities? ** Trichet "Gets The Memo" Good day... And a Marvelous Monday to you! What a fabuloso 3-day Holiday weekend! WOW! The weather was great, I relaxed max time, and shot off some fireworks just to keep the tradition going... The weekend was working hard to make me forget the happenings of Thursday... The Perfect Storm that was possible for the dollar turned out to see the tables turned and it was the euro that went into a tailspin on Thursday... Here's the skinny......
  • Dollar Receives Some Stimulus...

    * Dollar receives some stimulus... * G8 to support $ over the weekend... * India surprises with a rate increase... * BOJ likely to keep rates unchanged... **Dollar receives some stimulus..... Good day... We had a pretty calm day in the markets yesterday as the dollar drifted lower vs. most of the major currencies. But when the Europeans picked up the trading overnight they all but wiped out any advances the currencies had made and the dollar is now sitting slightly higher than it was trading at this time yesterday morning. But I will get to that later; let me start this morning's Pfennig off with some comments Chuck left me on the markets as he signed off his computer last night: "OK... So quite a few of you liked my conspiracy theories yesterday, and even a few had one of their own! This whole mess of Bernanke and Paulson finally sitting up and taking notice in June is just too much for me. I think there's got to be a story here that we don't know about... Yet!...