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  • It’s a Jobs Jamboree Friday!

    * BOE cuts 50 BPS... * ECB keeps rates unchanged... * Initial Jobless claims hit a record! * Recession or Depression? ** Jobs Jamboree Friday! Good day... And a Happy Friday to one and all! A Fantastico Friday, and Jobs Jamboree Friday to boot! You should have seen the crowd that gathered for my second presentation yesterday... WOW! Jason tells me that he had to turn away about 50 people that couldn't jam into the room! I guess people are still interested in what I have to say... Either that or, no one else was speaking at that time! HA! Another very tight trading range for the currencies yesterday, with a bias to buy dollars... And for once this bias to buy dollars didn't include buying Japanese yen, as yen fell 2 whole figures yesterday! You have to wonder if the words coming out of Capitol Hill that they will vote on the Stimulus package soon, has the risk takers dipping their toes back into Carry Trades, for yen is weaker and the Aussie dollar (a high yielder, even in today's zero rate environment) is stronger... It's not just a co-in-que-dink!...
  • Another Day of Dollar Depreciation...

    * Durable goods fall... * Euro gains... * British concern... * The land down under......