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  • A Jobs Jamboree Friday.

    In This Issue.

    * Risk Assets get cut off at the knees!

    * Silver takes on more water.

    * Trichet deep sixes the euro.

    * China is doing it again.

  • Time To Remove Stimulus?

    In This Issue..

    * Chinese stocks rise 5%!
    * Risk Assets follow!
    * OECD forecasts faster global growth...
    * Gold & Silver kicking sand again!

    Good day... And a Tub Thumpin' Thursday to you! Let's hope it remains a Tub Thumpin' Thursday later today, as I head downtown to watch my beloved Cardinals play a day game! For those of you who are baseball fans, you know what I mean when I carry on about how baseball should only be played during the day!

    OK... Before I get to the currencies, economies and the dolts in the world, I wanted to briefly talk about the SEC, who made an announcement yesterday that they had done an investigation of the Madoff audits, and did not find any fraud... Just mistakes... Really? Mistakes? That's what they call them? Even Bernie Madoff himself says that he was "astonished" that the SEC failed to shut him down after interviewing him in 2006!

  • U.S. Manufacturing On The Rise...

    In This Issue..

    * Risk Assets Get Sold!
    * ISM hits 52.9!
    * Aussie GDP rises!
    * China leading the way!

    Good day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Well, all that back and forth between rally and sell off for the currencies came to an abrupt halt yesterday, when the dollar bulls went on a rampage. There was some very strong economic data to help the move, but the real thing that brought the currencies to their knees was the stock sell off of 185 points...

    Get this... Now we all know that the risk assets of stocks, commodities, and currencies have all been tied together for some time now... So, I was surprised to see a story titled: 'Currency Markets Taken For A Ride By Stocks' Hmmm, maybe this person just woke up from a 9-month coma, eh? Any way, that doesn't matter, it's just another opinion that coincides with mine!...
  • Increasing SDR Issuance...

    In This Issue..

    * Fed confuses markets, risk assets get sold...
    * SNB intervenes to stop franc's rise
    * ECB issues 12-month liquidity...
    * Bernanke to get grilled?

    Good day... And a Tub Thumpin' Thursday to you! Yes, I know the currencies and commodities got whipsawed yesterday, and my Cardinals got spanked, but that's no reason for us to not enjoy a Tub Thumpin' Thursday! Every day is a gift, and it has nothing to do with stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities!

    OK... Not that I try to be philosophical, sometimes it just comes out that way! Besides, you don't want to think that I'm just a smart *** all the time! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Well, as I said in the open, the currencies and commodities got whipsawed yesterday, and the culprit was the FOMC minutes... You see, the Fed Reserve met to discuss rates, and other items. And what they said just blew away the bond vigilantes, and really ticked off the Hawks, but in the end, what they said, was really that things will remain status quo......