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  • Another One Bites The Dust...

    * Bailout or rescue plan? * JP Morgan buys Wa-Mu... * Canadian loonie remains well bid... * China to stop lending to U.S. Banks? ** Another One Bites The Dust... Good day... And a Happy Friday to one and all! It's not starting out to be a Fantastico Friday, but I'm sure that by the time the closing whistle blows this afternoon, I'll be all about a Fantastico Friday! The reason I say it's not starting out that way, is simply that it looks as though the bailout package is close to being a done deal. On a side bar... Have you noticed that the bailout package is now being referred to as the "rescue plan"? I guess the word "bailout" wasn't sitting to well with voters... Better to scare the bejeebers out of them into agreeing with taking on $700 Billion!...
  • More Losses!

    * Currency rally runs into profit taking... * Mortgage related losses continue to mount... * Taking risk... Just seems stupid right now... * Canadian Retail Sales post a gain... ** More Losses! Good day... And a Terrific Tuesday to you! It was a long day of travel for yours truly, who saw two gate changes and two plane changes along with 1.5 hours of delay... I ran into a reader on the plane, that said, Hey! Aren't you Chuck Butler? I could see all the people sitting around me thinking that they should know Chuck Butler, he must be a celebrity! HA! Little did they know, it's just little Ole me, the Pfennig writer! Well... The currencies had a good day VS the dollar, as the euro was able to gain well into the 1.59 handle... Part of my presentation to the main stage crowd tomorrow (900+) is going to ask the question... Where are all those people that claimed the weak dollar trend was over last month when the Fed stated they were going to be inflation fighters? They are no-where to be found! That's where! I recall that even a big name guy at the Royal Bank of Canada, flatly stated the weak dollar trend was over... Where have all the naysayers gone? Long time passing......