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  • Falling In And Out Of Love...

    * Euro sinks to 1-year low... * RBNZ cuts rates 25 BPS... * Carry Trades continue to unwind... * Fannie and Freddie cause problems for banks... ** Falling In And Out Of Love... Good day... And a Thunderin' Thursday to you! Today we mark 7 years since the "monsters" attacked our great nation and thousands of lives were lost needlessly. My blood still boils at the thought of what happened on Sept 11, 2001, and the thoughts of the twin towers coming down still flashes in my mind. 7 years ago today, we witnessed the horrific scenes from terrorists in our country. I recall trying to come up with words the next day, and just couldn't, so I stuck to currencies, in attempt to keep things as normal as they could be. I hope everyone flies their flag today in remembrance of this day 7 years ago. OK... We're seeing a complete meltdown in the currencies this morning, folks.. The euro has fallen to the low 1.39 handle, and all is looking quite bleak for the single unit right now. Our metals trader, Kristin, sent me this note that she came across regarding the euro......
  • Another Perfect Storm Averted!

    * Paulson calms fears... For now! * The dollar gets sold again... * More risk events... * Bill Gross wants dollars! ** Another Perfect Storm Averted! Good day... And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well... One of St. Louis' landmarks was sold this morning... One of my fave companies for a number of reasons, Anheuser Busch, was sold to InBev this morning... Just another in the line of Corporate Headquarters that will no longer reside in St. Louis... At one in the 80's, St. Louis was the 5th largest city, with Corporate Headquarters, in Western Hemisphere... I doubt we even are on the list these days... OK... Well... Friday was chock full-o-fun, and not fun for some, as U.S. Treasury Secretary, Paulson, tried to calm the markets regarding Freddie and Fannie... That may have some soothing effect in the short run, but if home prices keep falling, and mortgage backed bonds keep losing value, this problem will return to the markets......