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  • FOMC Day Today!

    In This Issue..

    * Markets in 'lock-down' mode...
    * Aussie Consumer inflation rises...
    * Brazilian Central Bank meets today...
    * David Galland and Bill Bonner together!

    Good day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! We're back to the frigid temps here in St. Louis, but, Shoot Rudy, IT IS January! So, I'm going to warm you up today with a collection of thoughts, not only mine, but a couple of my fave writers... David Galland, and Bill Bonner! WOW! A Dynamic Duo of writers if there ever was one! So... Let's get to the goings on in the currencies and then hit the collection of thoughts!

    When I signed off yesterday, the dollar was swinging the hammer, and all the non-dollar currencies, except Japanese yen, were getting nailed... That hammer swinging ended in the morning session here in the U.S., and the currencies did rebound a bit VS the dollar as I headed out the door for home... Overnight, we've seen no movement at all... Nothing, nada, zero, zilch, a great big goose egg, for currency movement......