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  • The Euro Bounces...

    In This Issue..

    * Profit taking brings currencies back..
    * A Love/ Hate relationship with kiwi...
    * Stimulus isn't the same everywhere!
    * AA drops a bomb on us in St. Louis!

    Good day... Ahoy Mates! And a Happy Friday to one and all! Tomorrow is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' officially... But, since we all like Pirates (not today's so-called Pirates), we decided that we would celebrate it today! Get your eye patches out! We're that kind of fun group, eh? So... If you want to play along, you can go to this website and get your Pirate name!

    OK... Well, it is Friday, and with that comes the end of a very long week for yours truly, and one that I hope ends early today, so I can go home and get my feet up! Until then though, you have me here to swab the decks, and hoist the sails!