A White Christmas?
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In This Issue.

* How'd they do that?

* Dollar soars on strong GDP.

* Chuck's traditional Christmas Eve effort.

And Now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts.

A White Christmas?

Good Day!... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! It's Christmas Eve Day! The Santa Stops here in X days board is down to 0! YAHOO! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go, there's a tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well, the sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow. I always loved this line in the song: And the thing that will make them ring, is the carol that you sing, right within your heart! We're supposed to get 1 to 3 inches of snow today, which would make this a White Christmas for us here in St. Louis. I know up north and in the mountains snow is a common thing, but not here, so that's why we make a Big thing out of a White Christmas!

I wish I could tell you that things will be better in 2015, but shoot Rudy, 2014 was only half-bad! So, let's take a quick look at the data yesterday, and get out of here, eh? The U.S. Data Cupboard had some strong data, and some weak data. First the strong data. 3rd QTR GDP was revised up to 5%.. WOW! How'd they do that? Hey, it's Christmas, so I won't get on my soapbox and talk about smoke and mirrors again, for now, I'll just smile and say, WOW! Then Personal Spending and Income were both stronger, while Durable Goods Orders declined -.7% in November, and New Home Sales dropped -1.6%... So, good and bad. Pretty much like I thought it would end up, except for that rousing upward revision from 3.9% to 5%... I had thought that the Gov't had stretched the limit of their ability to fool us, but apparently not! No, wait, I said I wasn't going there today! Alrighty then.

The dollar soared on the strong GDP number, even though there was other stuff that should have filtered that enthusiasm for the dollar. But, none of this move in the dollar surprises me, what would surprise me would be for it to last more than 1 year. So. Let's go to the currency roundup as we edge nearer to what we've all been waiting for. Chuck's traditional Christmas Eve attempt at a poem.

Currencies today 12/24/14.. American Style: A$ .8110, kiwi .7720, C$ .8620, euro 1.2202, sterling 1.5550, Swiss $1.0145 .. European Style: rand 11.6655, krone 7.4875, krona 7.7865, forint 258.85, zloty 3.5315, koruna 22.7470, RUB 54.57, yen 120.45, sing 1.3225, HKD 7.7625 INR 63.52, China 6.1247, pesos 14.75, BRL 2.6945, Dollar Index 89.91, Oil $56.14, 10-year 2.26%, Silver $15.82, Platinum $1,191.25, Palladium $806.75, and Gold. $1,177.65

Here we go. Last year's attempt at a Christmas poem was such a hit, I brought it back out, dusted it off and changed just a couple of lines. Merry Christmas!

T' was the night before Christmas

And brother what a great ride

Another year has passed

With my beautiful bride at my side.

The year has been a mixed bag of nuts

And crazy as it might seem

I'm not giving up

On this strange dream

I'm dreaming of a country without any debt A country that has freedom and liberties you bet!

A country that lets businesses growth and breathe And add to employment, with nothing up their sleeves!

But back to reality I've come today

To give out gifts and thanks to everyone That has made this year fun each and every day!

But, it's Christmas ,a time for joy

and so with that, I'll pass out the toys for the good girls and boys I work with each day and hope they accept this instead of hefty pay!

There's no one that works harder each day Than my friend, Frank Trotter, (think he'll hike my pay?) I don't know of anyone that has been any more a staunch supporter Of what I do, and for that, I thank him every quarter!

So...I call off the roll call and call them by name Chris Gaffney, and Mike Meyer, And Jennifer Mclean There's our little Christine, with Tim, Ty, and Aaron with Antione, Cisco (Mike H) and Dane..

We've all been together for many a year now I've just go to say, That I'm so happy that each of you are here So, give yourself applause, and take a bow!

There's our Operations people who make things tick And IT, New Products, and Marketing, who do the trick!

There are so many people at EverBank these days That I wouldn't be able to mention them all I hope that's OK

I always have something in my bundle of toys For my beautiful bride who brings me such joy!

And all of my kids and grandkids of whom I'm so proud And have always supported me, Even when I sing out loud!

So, now I turn to my dear friends,

With whom I have so much fun

And say I can't wait for our trip to Spring Training

For baseball and days in the sun!

And finally, my bag is getting empty,

But there's one more gift to give

To my dear Pfennig Readers

You give me reason to outlive

All other writers, now that's a goal!

I love Christmas, it's my second favorite time of year The decorations, the light in children's' eyes, And the spirit of the season, it's so sincere

Before I head out the door

I stop to think about how many Pfennigs I've done that go out each day before we see a rise in the sun!

And the countless hours of research and reading that go into each days attempt to be creative...

So... I think about our country's debt

and it worries me so

But, hope that my warnings will finally be heard by more than faithful readers, Maybe the World!

And with my final thought I slip out of sight and proclaim...

Merry Christmas to all...

and to all a good night!

I'll leave you with a line that I've used for several years now, that I find tugs at the heart strings.

May the light of faith, the warmth of heart, and the love of family be your gifts this year!

Thank you and goodnight

That's it for today. I hope, if you celebrate Christmas that it is a blessed one, and that if you celebrate a different holiday, that it too is wonderful for you! The white iced cake donut did the trick yesterday, and now I hope I can get through the next couple of days without problems. If I do experience them, so be it! The spirit of the season is going to give me strength, and that should be perfect! Remember, tomorrow is a Holiday, and in my book so is Friday, so I won't be writing. You get a nice 4-day break from me! I'll be back to finish out the year next week. And then it will be 2015, and the "changes" I've been hinting at will begin to be flushed out. Should be good! And with that. One more time. let's go out and make this a Wonderful Wednesday, a blessed night and day tomorrow and on Friday. (Friday is my beautiful bride's birthday, see why it's a Holiday?) So, Happy Birthday, Kathy. You're catching up with me! HA! Well, it's time. bye.

Chuck Butler
EverBank World Markets

Posted 12-24-2014 1:04 PM by Chuck Butler
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