Raising the Debt Ceiling Expected to Boost Gold Prices
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If President Obama and Ben Bernanke had it their way, they’d have you believe that a higher debt ceiling means prosperity. It will somehow raise employment, increase wages, end the debt crisis and restore faith in the credit of the United States.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Raising the debt ceiling is like giving your teenage daughter a credit card with a higher limit once she’s maxed out the previous limit. It doesn’t make you richer. It won’t make you more prosperous. The only thing it’s likely to do is to make you much poorer when the bill comes due.

President Obama and Ben Bernanke have to realize the truth of these facts – but they won’t ever admit it.

In truth, raising the debt ceiling doesn’t just make us poorer. It also has the eventual effect of pushing commodity prices higher.

Korean economist Julia Yoo recently pointed out the biggest and best example of this phenomenon – rising gold prices.

The price of gold rose almost step for step with the debt limit.

It’s not all that surprising. 

And while our leaders might be quibbling about the specifics of the debt limit, we know they’ll eventually raise it. And in order to avoid taking blame for any fall-out from not beating the August 2nd deadline, a deal will happen before then.

Which means gold prices can only rise. And in the very near future, too.

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Posted 07-20-2011 3:12 PM by Ian Wyatt