U.S. Credit Rating About to Be Downgraded: How to Invest Now
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This morning, ratings agency Moody's officially put the U.S. credit rating under review. Despite persistent warnings that failure to raise the debt ceiling will be disastrous Moody's is threatening to cut the U.S. credit rating over continued deficit spending. 

The United States currently enjoys a AAA rating: a rating shared with only a handful of other nations including Canada, Switzerland, and Germany.

Countries with a top rating enjoy the lowest rates, are able to attract investors with ease, and can offer some of the longest maturities. Those with bad ratings pay more for their debt: these include countries like Greece, Iceland, and Egypt.

A credit rating downgrade for the United States is expected to cause borrowing costs to increase and substantial turmoil in financial markets. There are even suggestions that this will affect state and city municipal bonds as well.

Through it all, Congressional squabbling about what to do hasn't led to any progress on two of the most important issues of our time: debt and spending.

And yesterday, after threatening that Social Security payments could be cut off if the debt ceiling isn't raised, President Obama walked away from the negotiating table leaving Republicans without a negotiating partner. It doesn't look good for striking a deal aimed at cutting spending and allowing the U.S. debt ceiling to be raised.

Investors are advised to take steps to protect their wealth now.

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Posted 07-14-2011 4:35 PM by Ian Wyatt