Gold Not at Record High
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While most of the mainstream media readily announces new "highs" for the price of gold, The New York Times just published an article denouncing such statements.

From the story: "The actual record was set 30 years ago, when the price of gold, in today's dollars, hit $2,387, or 71 percent higher than it closed on Tuesday."

It's important to remember that gold's price has much further to run before it matches inflation adjusted highs set in 1980.

Many investors might be wondering if gold will meet or surpass that $2,387 number - but as The New York Times story points out, gold is "a hedge against a weak dollar, not a hedge against inflation."

             As long as the U.S. dollar continues to fall, gold will continue to rise.

So as long as the Federal Government continues to print money in order to pay for its expenses, we can expect the dollar to continue its long term downward trend (the occasional up day notwithstanding) - and gold to continue to rise.

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Posted 11-11-2010 5:16 PM by Ian Wyatt