Cambridge, Mass. based Energy Analyst Reveals Gold-Oil Strategy
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With gold prices reaching new highs recently, investors are seeking ways to profit from the yellow metal. At the same time, they’re risk averse - and for good reason. The stock market has been extremely volatile over the past year.

So Gregor Macdonald, Energy Analyst with Energy World Profits recently detailed a simple, two point plan for investing in gold. Mr. Macdonald has over 20 years experience as an analyst in the energy sector, but he still thinks gold has some room to run as investors around the world want to get out of currency, and into the security of physical gold.

To take full advantage of the trend, Mr. Macdonald has been buying shares of profitable gold mining companies, and reinvesting the profits into cheap Canadian oil companies.

The strategy allows him to move his net worth out of risky U.S. dollars, and at the same time diversify his holdings into separate and distinct asset classes.

When oil companies dip in price, he can sell shares of gold stock and scoop some up.

It’s the perfect way to invest in gold and oil while at the same time avoiding the whipsaw action of the broad market.

Mr. Macdonald recently worked with Chief Investment Strategist Ian Wyatt of Wyatt Investment Research to put together a full report on the best North American oil companies. Investors interested in North American oil opportunities can get a copy of Bakken Profits: 3 Top Oil & Gas Stocks from the Fastest Growing Oil Region in the U.S.

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Posted 09-21-2010 4:13 PM by Ian Wyatt
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