What New Highs for Gold Means for Silver
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On Friday, gold prices hit another high, the second in two days. August delivery gold futures hit $1,261.40 during the trading day.  

Investors, concerned about the inflationary monetary policy from the U.S. and debt-laden euro-zone nations and the United Kingdom and slowing momentum of global growth, have been relentlessly buying gold as a hedge against inflation and as protection against further economic weakness.

But they may be missing an even bigger opportunity in precious metals. Silver prices lag gold prices by as much as 22%. That's because the historical relationship between gold and silver prices has expanded as gold prices have run higher.

For the past century, it's taken an average of 55 ounces of silver to by one ounce of gold. Today, that "gold-silver ration" stands at 64 with silver prices. Analysts expect silver to close that gap by rallying at least 22%.

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Posted 06-18-2010 1:53 PM by Ian Wyatt