• Hoisington Investment Management – Quarterly Review and Outlook, First Quarter 2014

    In today’s Outside the Box, Lacy Hunt and Van Hoisington of Hoisington Investment have the temerity to point out that since the Great Recession officially ended in 2009, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has been consistently overoptimistic in its projections of US growth. They simply expected QE to be more stimulative than it has been, to the tune of about 6% over the past four years – a total of about $1 trillion that never materialized.

  • Meltdown America – Are You Prepared For the Coming Collapse?

    By Casey Research “I think we are in the early stages of the end of the West,” says Jeff Opdyke of The Sovereign Investor in an eye-opening new documentary from Casey Research called, “Meltdown America.” This free, 28-minute video...
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  • Feeling Stronger Every Day

    In This Issue.

    * Aussie CPI slips, sends A$'s to woodshed.

    * Chinese PMI ticks up, remains under 50.

    * Eurozone flash PMI's tick higher

    * A 12-month report card.

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  • Flushing Out The Speculative Longs In China

    In This Issue.

    * Everyone is back!.

    * Dollar bias yesterday turns around today.

    * Aussie CPI to be strong?.

    * Buying on the Cheap.

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  • Puerto Rico Is the Only Way to Escape US Taxes

    By Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor, International Man When I hear about strategies that purport to legally allow US citizens to avoid having to pay income taxes, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that it is some sort of cockamamie scheme. This...
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  • The Real Obamacare Nightmare is Just Beginning

    Last Thursday, the Obama administration said that a total of eight million Americans had signed up for Obamacare. In a hastily called press event, President Obama spiked the football, took a victory lap around the White House and declared the healthcare law a smashing success – although they still haven’t told us how many enrollees have actually paid a premium.

    In any event, the millions of Americans who have purchased health insurance on the government exchanges are in for another round of shocks as they begin to try to actually use their new healthcare insurance. New nightmares are being reported almost daily and we’re only getting started.

    The problems that will create the next Obamacare headlines will come in three main areas: 1) lack of access to doctors, 2) failures of the system to verify coverage and pay claims, and 3) the incredibly high deductibles and copays on the exchange insurance policies. I have reprinted an excellent article on this growing nightmare below.

    Yet before we go there, let’s take a look at a few recent economic reports that are actually encouraging. Also, our webinar last Wednesday on the HWM Alpha Advantage investment opportunity was one of the most highly attended web events we have ever done. The presentation was excellent and the questions from attendees were spot on. To view the webinar, CLICK HERE.

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  • 10 Ways to Screw up Your Retirement

    By Dennis Miller, Senior Editor, "Miller's Money Forever" There are many creative ways to screw up your retirement. Let me show you how it’s done. Supporting adult children. My wife Jo and I have friends with an unmarried, unemployed...
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  • Fed’s Interest Rate Forecast Unexpectedly Went Up

    The minutes from the March 18-19 Fed policy meeting were released last week. It was at that meeting when the Fed Open Market Committee (FOMC) voted to reduce QE bond purchases by another $10 billion a month – no surprise there. The FOMC also voted...
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  • Dirty, Stinky Garbage GOLD!

    I love Taiwan. It is one Asia's most-scenic countries, clean and modern, with unbelievably delicious food and some of the friendliest, most-generous people in the world. It is also a very important global technology hub with the world's first...
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  • John Williams Says U.S. Economy Is Headed Down.

    In This Issue.

    * Thin Volumes remain.

    * And Tight currency ranges are in place.

    * Doomsday report on New Zealand? .

    * China continues to weaken renminbi.

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  • Gold Forecast – This Is Going To Be Exciting

    Gold Forecast : During the past year there has been very little talk about gold, silver or gold stocks in the media. Yet the year before it was all the media could talk about and they even had the price of gold streaming live all day in the corner of...
  • Dare to Be Great II

    I can’t tell you how many thousands of hours I have spent, over the years, thinking about, reading about, and talking about how to be a consistently successful investor; but I can tell you this: I’m still working at it. And once in a while – less frequently as the years pass, it seems – I come across investment advice that strikes me as fundamentally strong, innovative, and worth assimilating.

    I feel that way about today’s Outside the Box. It’s a client memo sent last week by Howard Marks, founder and chairman of Oaktree Capital Management. He calls it “Dare to Be Great II,” since it’s a follow-up to the famous memo by that name he wrote in 2006.

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  • Uncle Sam Seizes Children’s Tax Refunds To Pay Parents’ Debts

    Today, millions of Americans will file their 2013 income tax returns, and many are expecting to receive a tax refund from the IRS in a few weeks. Many income tax filers expecting a refund already have plans for how that refund check will be spent. But what you may not know is that the government can and does seize tax refunds from the children of parents who are deemed to owe the government money.

    The government is now going through old records to see if it overpaid Social Security benefits to people in the past. If it thinks it did, it can now seize the IRS tax refund checks of the children of those people it thinks it overpaid. Uncle Sam can seize your refund without your knowledge or consent, even without proof or exact details. It has been doing this for the last three years, confiscating hundreds of thousands of Americans’ tax refunds. It has already confiscated $1.9 billion in tax refunds this year alone.

    Worst of all, much of this supposed debt is over 10 years old. The Social Security Administration says it has identified over 400,000 children of deceased parents in an effort to collect billions in overpayments of benefits in years past, including $714 million that is over 10 years old. The SSA says it will start proceedings against all of those people by this summer.

    This is critical information that all Americans should know! Feel free to forward today’s E-Letter to anyone who can benefit from this knowledge.

  • Every Central Bank for Itself

    For the last 25 days I’ve been traveling in Argentina and South Africa, two countries whose economies can only be described as fragile, though for very different reasons. Emerging-market countries face a significantly different set of challenges than the developed world does. These challenges are compounded by the rather indifferent policies of developed-world central banks, which are (even if somewhat understandably) entirely self-centered. Argentina has brought its problems upon itself, but South Africa can somewhat justifiably express frustration at the developed world, which, as one emerging-market central bank leader suggests, is engaged in a covert currency war, one where the casualties are the result of unintended consequences. But the effects are nonetheless real if you’re an emerging-market country.

    Posted to Thoughts From The Frontline by John Mauldin on 04-14-2014
  • How Many Times Can They Tax the Same Dollar?

    Where do you stand on the issue of taxing profits earned overseas by American companies? I ask because Caterpillar (CAT) found itself on the U.S. Senate hot seat last week. There, what should have been an information-gathering hearing about offshore earnings...
    Posted to Uncommon Wisdom by Tony Sagami on 04-11-2014
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