• Generational Chaos Ahead

    I had that thought in mind when I asked Neil Howe to be our kick-off speaker at the Strategic Investment Conference and invited Niall Ferguson to wrap it all up three days later. As historians, they both gaze back through time to identify patterns and draw lessons. They were the bookends who framed the wide-ranging discussions in between. They have both been very influential in helping me develop my understanding of the world.

    As I said two weeks ago, the experts I brought to the conference, even the ones I expected to be raging bulls, were mostly bearish. The surprise was Niall Ferguson, who has become the new raging bull. That’s pretty much the one thing you can count on at my conference: surprises! But you can see that even Niall is deeply concerned about much of what is happening in the world.

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  • Price Spikes Are Back With Vengeance

    The last few days the volatility index has jumped dramatically and so have the market-makers secret price spikes during pre and post market hours telling us where they are trying to move the market to within the next 24 hours. Below is a chart showing...
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  • Hot Summer Economic Weirdness

    As I wrote last month, the protected/unprotected schism increasingly drives both politics and economics. Maybe it has always driven them, and we’re just now recognizing it. In either case, we find ourselves in increasingly weird circumstances. I certainly see parallels with the 1930s. And a number of those circumstances will collide with one another over the next few months.

    My intention this week had been to revisit some of the powerful ideas that were discussed at my Strategic Investment Conference two weeks ago. But events are looming in Europe that absolutely demand our attention. The powerful macroeconomic and investing ideas will still be there next week – and at the end of today’s letter I will discuss an informal poll I’ve conducted on the timing of the next recession.

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  • "BREXIT" - Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

    The citizens of Great Britain will make a monumental decision that will be felt worldwide if they vote to leave the European Union (EU) next week on June 23. If the Brits vote for “Brexit” it could eventually lead to the end of the EU and the euro. It could potentially lead to serious turmoil in the world financial markets in the days and weeks following the referendum if the vote is to leave.

    Yet if Brexit passes, it does not mean that Britain will leave the EU immediately. We are told that there will be a transitionary period which could last a year or longer. Maybe this will limit the potential turmoil in the markets, but that’s far from certain. In any event, I think most Americans should understand the long-range implications of next week’s key vote.

    I have read a great deal about what may happen if the Brits vote to leave the EU. It is clear that Brexit is part of a groundswell of dislike around the developed world for all things “Establishment.”  This growing trend also explains in part why characters like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders did so well in the election primaries.

    To help us understand these trends and the important implications, I have chosen to reprint a very good analysis on this subject today. It appeared in TIME Magazine online last Friday and is written by Frank Luntz.  Mr. Luntz is a well-known political analyst, professional pollster, author and contributor to CBS News and the Fox News Channel among others.

    You should read it. I will be writing more on this key topic in the weeks and months ahead.

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  • Sell Off Coming In US Equities

    This “distortion” between “risk” and “return” has created a “bubble” effect in all global equity classes. I informed my subscribers to exit the SPX on November 25 th , 2014 and to enter cash. Their equity...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 06-14-2016
  • Stock Market Elliott Wave Count, Economic Cycle and Equities Cycle

    As you know a picture is worth 1000 words so consider this short yet detailed post a juicy 2000+ word report on the current state of the stock market and economic cycle. The charts below I think will help you see where the US stock market and economic...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 06-01-2016
  • More Young Adults Live With Parents Than Ever Before

    A new report from the Pew Research Center this week found that American adults aged 18 to 34 were more likely to be living in their parents’ home than living with a spouse or partner in their own household. The report, based on Census Bureau data...
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  • What Did She Say, That Was New?

    In This Issue.

    * Yellen sets the dollar up for a rally .

    * Abe thinks another Lehman Brothers is on the way .

    * Gold continues to get whacked!

    * Big Al Greenspan leaves the dark side..

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  • Many of the World’s Best Investors Made Their Fortunes This Way…And You Can Too

    By Justin Spittler Editor’s note: Today and tomorrow, we're stepping away from our usual market commentary to share a very important idea with you… Below, you’ll read our interview with Nick Giambruno, editor of Crisis Investing...
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  • Fed: Almost Half of US Households Have Under $400 Saved

    We begin today by looking at the recently released Federal Reserve study on the economic conditions of 50,000 randomly-selected US households. This annual survey attempts to capture a snapshot of the financial and economic well-being (or not well-being) of US households. Let me warn you upfront that some of the findings are really bad.

    Following that discussion, I will reprint a recent study by FORBES which concludes that Americans who make over $100,000 pay almost 80% of all federal income taxes. That’s right. According to IRS data, Americans earning over $100,000 paid 79.5% of federal income taxes for 2014. This proves that top income earners pay more in income taxes than those who earn less.

    Finally, I have two great opinion pieces in SPECIAL ARTICLES at the end that everyone should read, regardless of who you will be voting for in November.

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  • Life on the Edge, Continued

    At the conclusion of my conference yesterday, I did a number of interviews and then made my way a few miles home, collapsed into my favorite chair, and thought back over the myriad of ideas, the whirlwind of friends, and the just general all-around fabulous time I had experienced over the past four days.

  • Is There A Bear Market in Progress?

    The SPX topped out one year ago, on May 20th, 2015 at 2134.72 . One year has gone by in the SPX and has still not made a new high. It could be many years before we breach that high! The SPX chart below indicates why it is not making any new highs and...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 05-25-2016
  • The Next Top Performing Asset to 2020 & Beyond

    2016 has been a great year for gold. Its currently up 17%. This is the best time to invest in gold for the long-term investor. The Elliott Wave Principle is a form of ‘technical analysis’ that believes investors move between periods of bullish...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 05-23-2016
  • Is This the End of the Road for Stock Market Investors?

    In May of 2008, there was a very similar stock market ‘rally’ as compared to today’s ‘rally’. Investors believed that the ‘turmoil’ during the latter part of 2007 and the early part of 2008 was permanently over...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 05-20-2016
  • Why Price Spikes Are Actually Your Friend

    I could go on in detail about why and what price spikes provide us short term trades with, and I will in a future article and video. Keeping things short and simple we will let the charts to the speaking for now because they paint a very clear picture...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 05-19-2016
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